Age of Wushu Dynasty Apk Mod Unlimited Mana No Cooldown V 7.0.0

Download Age of Wushu Dynasty Mod Hack Unlimited Mana | Download Age of Wushu Dynasty Mod no cooldown . Ahoy braders Informasi kali ini berisikan tentang game androdi bergenre RPG dan sudah pasti seru banget braders. Topik kali ini adalah game android Age of Wushu Dynasty Apk, buat kalian seorang atlit wushu pasti sudah tidak asing lagi dengan game ini braders. game ini memiliki berbagai fitur fitur keren braders diantaranya yaitu grafik full 3D serta kualitas gambar yang HD sehingga menjadikan game Age of Wushu Dynasty apk ini sangat keren braders. dan di sini kalian wajib selesaikan semua quest yang di berikan di dalam game Age of Wushu Dynasty ini, pasti kalian suka braders dengan game ini jadi download Age of Wushu Dynasty Apk hack ini braders. 

Age of Wushu Dynasty FITUR

Enter a Stylized World set in Ancient China

Explore a visually stunning virtual world filled with peaceful peach blossom orchards, bustling city streets, and scorched battlefields! With full 3D animations and PC-level graphics, Age of Wushu Dynasty transports heroes to Ming Dynasty China, with stylized era outfits and authentic environments modeled on real locations!

Struggle for Power with 7 Schools

Choose from seven Martial Arts Schools to join on the path to discover the power within! Each school offers unique opportunities in an deep character customization system – master the Taichi Sword as a noble Wudang hero, or rain ninja death from the shadows as the cunning Tangmen. Join a school, master the arts, and compete with opposing schools to discover your destiny!

Heart-pounding Revolutionary Combat

Become a true master of martial arts with Age of Wushu Dynasty’s revolutionary combat system. Go beyond simple hack ‘n slash mechanics with tactical real-time combat. Block incoming attacks, time your parry, and execute feints to break through defenses and defeat your opponent. Master unique skill sets to fight with blades, staffs, daggers, and bare hands! Ignite your Kungfu fire with powerful Rage attacks and destroy your adversaries!

Challenge Rivals in PvP

Who will be the ultimate champion of Jianghu? Enter a cut-throat world of ninja assassins and Kungfu heroes, as players battle it out in organized and open world PvP. Fight your way to the top in 1 on 1 Arena battles. Sneak behind enemy lines with Spycraft, and join together in Guilds to battle for supremacy in PvP Guild Raids!

Yang baru dari Age of Wushu
1. New ferocious martial arts school: Wanderer's Valley
2. Destroy enemies with mighty new internal skill: Nine-Yang Skill
3. New ancient manual skill added : Surging Swordplay
4. New outfits updated: Mortal Shadow, Violet Phoenix Cloak
5. New cloak added: Heaven's Honor
6. Combat Power Distribution function added
7. Emoticon Function updated
8. Screenshot mode is now open
9. Divine Weapons expanded to Level 5
10.Optimization and Bug fixes

Age of Wushu Dynasty

Age of Wushu Dynasty

Age of Wushu Dynasty

Game Age of Wushu Dynasty Info
Updated December 20, 2016
Installs 1,000,000 - 5,000,000
Current Version 7.0.0
Requires Android 4.0.3 and up
Offered By Snail Games USA Inc
File Size 38.29 mb
Google Play available

Download Age of Wushu Dynasty Mod
Download Age of Wushu Dynasty Hack Mod

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